Bernard Cosendai alias Cosey, Swiss comic book author and winner of the Grand Prix of Angoulême, in Ormont-Dessus. Februar 2, 2017. © KEYSTONE/Thomas Delley

Camille Vallotton alias Vamille, Swiss comic book author at the atelier LOOP in Fribourg. July 17, 2018. ©Thomas Delley

Claude Barras, Swiss director of the animated film "My life as a Zucchini", in Lausanne. Februar 28, 2017. © KEYSTONE/Thomas Delley

Julie Doucet, Canadian comic artist poses during the Comix Festival Fumetto at the akku art platform in Emmen. March 30, 2017. © KEYSTONE/Thomas Delley

Philippe Baumann alias Debuhme, Swiss comic book author of "De la nécessité d'avoir un ours chez soi" at the atelier Tramway in Villars-sur-Glâne. July 12, 2018. © Thomas Delley

Vanessa Cojocaru, Swiss graphist and photographer at the atelier LOOP in Fribourg. July 17, 2018. © Thomas Delley

Ilan Manouach, Greek comic artist during the comic festival Fumetto in Lucerne. March 30, 2017. © KEYSTONE/Thomas Delley

Tim Krohn, Swiss writer during the exhibition "Schreibrausch" at the Strauhof Museum in Zurich. March 11, 2017. © KEYSTONE/Thomas Delley

André Sugnaux, Swiss painter at his atelier in Prez-vers-Siviriez. December 5, 2015. © Thomas Delley

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