Emma Jüngling, Swiss mezzo-soprano. December 28, 2022. © La Gruyère/Thomas Delley

Jorge Cardoso, chocolate maker from Fribourg and winner of the Culinary World Cup 2022. December 28, 2022. © La Gruyère/Thomas Delley

Marie-France Roth Pasquier, National Councillor of Fribourg and Municipal Councillor of the City of Bulle. October 20, 2022. © La Gruyère/Thomas Delley

Kilian Fioretto, Chef of the restaurant Les Montagnard in Broc on the occasion of the award of his first Michelin star. October 20, 2022. © La Gruyère/Thomas Delley

Stéphanie Fragnière. December 27, 2022. © La Gruyère/Thomas Delley

Daniel Gumy, Swiss bookbinder and framer in Bulle close to retirement. October 20, 2022. © La Gruyère/Thomas Delley

Philippe Trinchan, head of the culture department of the State of Fribourg. May 4, 2020. © La Gruyère/Thomas Delley

Martin Bäumle, Swiss national councillor and former president of the Swiss green-liberal party, in Bern. June 8, 2017. © KEYSTONE/Thomas Delley

Dominique Gachoud, CEO of Groupe E, in Granges-Paccot. May 12, 2017. © Keystone/Thomas Delley

Jacques de Watteville, chairman of the board of the BCV, in Lausanne. February 28, 2017. © KEYSTONE/Thomas Delley

Thomas Beat Cueni, director of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA), in Geneva. February 13, 2017. © KEYSTONE/Thomas Delley

Georges Andrey, Swiss historian, in Fribourg. July 13, 2015. © La Liberté/Thomas Delley

Pierre Tercier, retired law professor of the University of Fribourg, in Fribourg. June 2, 2014. © La Liberté/Thomas Delley

Peter Kocher, Swiss astronomer, in Ependes. March 12, 2014. © La Liberté/Thomas Delley

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